Korean Food with a Twist at Loopy's Eatery

Welcome to Loopy's, a family owned and operated restaurant in Chelsea, Manhattan serving Korean food with a modern twist.  Indulge in our signature Stone Pot Bibimbap, a symphony of savory flavors and fresh ingredients meticulously crafted to provide a heartwarming culinary experience. Or join us for an unforgettable dining experience featuring L.A. Kalbi, a dish celebrated for its tenderness and richness that expertly captures the essence of Korean barbecue.  Our Bulgogi Cheesesteak is a true testament to the fusion of cultures, pairing the succulence of classic Korean bulgogi with the comfort of a cheesesteak hero.

Chicken Bibim Bop

Authentic bulgogi in a steak and cheese hero.

Beef Bulgogi Cheesesteak

Enjoy L.A. kalbi - Classic Korean barbecue.

L.A. Kalbi
Fusion Burrito
French Fry Bowl
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