About Us

Hello, my name is Teksoo and I am the owner of Loopy's Eatery. I am not very good at marketing and honestly, I do not particularly enjoy it. What I do enjoy is quality food made with heart. I come from a working class immigrant family and my parents toiled countless hours in a Korean restaurant so that I could become a white collar professional. My life’s path was pretty much set, but it never felt right in my gut. After many years of struggle I gathered enough courage to try and create not just a business, but a vision of my own.   


Loopy's Eatery was founded out of a love for freshly made foods that provided more substance than hype. It is named after my son, whose nick name as a baby was “Loopy”. If you have not tried our food, I sincerely hope you will, because I believe we offer food from the seoul that conglomerate food chains cannot match.

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